Hello, I just wanted to put out an update that I have the 4th book in the RING TAIL TOOTERS & YELLER BAD’VAS series has been written. We’re preparing for the release on our Website soon.

We just started working with a wonderful young man, John Fraser in the Mountain Home area who builds website and runs Mountain Home Marketing. He has and is working with us to “rebrand” our book marketing site, whereby you can get downloadable .PDF’s of my books, and also Autographed versions that I will personalize for you, and mail to you directly.

As soon as we’ve worked out the logistics it will be available. We will ONLY be providing the book in .PDF format to start, and as the book “pays for itself” we’ll start offering printed versions.

We’re going to get setup with Amazon for digital publishing soon and the books will be printed ON DEMAND, and shipped to you very quickly…. coming soon.

Linda and I are looking forward to getting you our books and visiting in person if we ever have the chance. — Joe W. Smith